A Quick and Dirty Tofino Guide for B.C. Residents

In the spirit of our recent B.C. residents promotion (10-20% off rooms) found here, we felt it was necessary to create a quick-hit guide for those who know Tofino, well, relatively well. You’re not a local but you’re not a rookie either. Let’s not dilly dally like an RV on Highway 4 in August now, shall we? Jump in.

 Tonquin Beach

Nowhere near a surf break (that we’ll share), this small scenic beach gets very little traffic compared to the Pacific Rim stretches of sand. Close to downtown, but still requiring a bit of effort to get there, Tonquin is for those who don’t want to see others, or be seen themselves. The cedar- and hemlock-rich forest that lines the walkway is worth the walk alone. Bring your damn garbage home with you, rookie.

bbq in tofino

Lil’ Ronnie’s BBQ

Lil Ronnie makes slow sensual smoky culinary love to the finest cuts of brisket, ribs, turkey breast and sausage links on his 13′ mobile Lang smoker, using only “carefully select alder and maple hardwood.” Some of Ronnie’s meat takes up to 24 hours to prepare. Situated at Mackenzie Beach (another chill local spot), Ronnie’s place is legit tasty BBQ in a province and on an island that, honestly, doesn’t know much about real BBQ. Get it.

Rainforest Hiking Trail

Perhaps due to its unimaginative name and high-speed highway crossing (and the wolves, the wolves!), this stretch of trail gets few visitors compared to the glamour beaches of Pacific Rim. But don’t sleep on it. A cedar boardwalk takes you up and down the gulches of a rainforest so thick and moist it’s like a northern evergreen jungle. Plan for this one, because it’s far from both Tofino and Ukee, but not far from the “T.”


Boats, Boats, Boats

We say this ALL THE TIME, so shame on you if you still haven’t figured it out: Tofino is best viewed from a boat, any boat. Seriously, what are you doing on land still? From the water, you can see all the glory of the landscape, plus get way closer to wildlife. And nothing gets the bits jingling like a heavy horsepower outboard crushing on a mirror-like glassy ocean surface. It’s just right. Don’t own a boat? Duh, rent one from us or just jump on one of our tours.

Surfing in the Winter

Locals surfers will hate this, but if you are a local B.C. resident and you still think summer is for surfing, you wrong, son. All those happy, lazy people on lawn chairs you pass as you rush to mediocre surf in the summer? They’re some of the most knowledgeable surfers in Tofino, and they know summer is for lawn bowling on the beach and sitting waterfront at The Hatch. Winter is for big swell and small crowds. If you truly want to be a serious surfer, show up when others don’t. Come in winter.

And, of course, the fine print on the B.C. residents deal:

We love hosting people from around the world, but we’ll never forget about the people that have been visiting Tofino ever since it was just our own little secret paradise.That’s why we’re offering all BC residents a hometown discount on room reservations, and an even bigger discount when you add the Hot Springs Adventure.
** Valid from now through April 30th ** Blackout Dates:  Family Day weekend (February 14h-17th 2020), Easter Weekend (April 10th-12th 2020)
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