Bear Watching Tours - Open Spring 2023

Traverse along the inlet waters of Clayoquot Sound—minutes from the dock— and track bears as they scavenge for rock crab in their natural habitat. Riding in open-concept boats gives you the best possible opportunity for sighting bears, and our knowledgeable guides are the resource for all your questions. This tour stays in the inlet, so waters will be flat and calm. Great for all ages! Keep your eyes open—you’ll spot so much more than bears alone.

Book in Advance! Available April – October

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Tofino Bear Watching

95% of our tours result in a bear spotting. Considering the wild and unpredictable nature of Vancouver Island’s West Coast, we are really proud of this.

If luck, weather, and the almighty universe conspire against us—and you don’t see the wildlife you came for—we will give you The Tofino Promise, a raincheck that guarantees you can come back for free to see the wildlife you deserve, whether on the same day or a year later.

If there’s an open spot on the boat, it’s yours.


Tofino Whale Watching

The White Raven

Zodiac, Uncovered Boat, up to 12 passengers.

We invest in your experience which means we have brand new vessels. Our spacious 16 seat boats ensure you are not fighting the crowds to get a glimpse of the bears. We guarantee a stress-free and intimate experience making your trip unforgettable.

The bears don’t mind it when it is a little wet outside and neither do our boats. We have both uncovered and covered options.

Please note, the Zodiac boat is not suitable for children under 145cm or pregnant women.


The Black Fish

Covered Boat, up to 12 passengers

The bears don’t mind it when it is a little wet outside and neither do our boats. If you prefer, you can enjoy the trip in our covered boat.

Crabbing Tofino

Your Ultimate Adventure

This is the best value if you can gather up 3 of your buddy’s. You get your own little boat, drop some crab traps on the way out, and depart on the quest for an intimate experience with the local bear population. This trip will not only get you up-close and personal with the bears, but also is one of the best ways to see the Clayoquot Sound. Miraculous coast lines, rugged points and exciting weather make this a trip that you will not forget. Once you have experienced the inlets, retrieve your crab traps on the way back to the dock and if fishing is good enjoy fresh crab for dinner. 

Cost: $750 + taxes + *fees

Capacity: 4 Adults max

Crabbing + Prawning:
Retrieve your crab or prawns traps on the way back to the dock and if fishing is good, enjoy fresh crab for dinner.  Please help us sustain future fish stocks by retaining only what you need.


Tour Facts

  • Tour Duration 2 - 2.5 Hours
  • Available April - October


  • Adults $149 + fees*
  • Senior + Youth $139 + fees*
  • Children (0-12) $129 + fees*
  • Fees: 1% Tribal Park Allies + 1% Fish for the Future

Bear Watching FAQ

How does cook your catch work?

Let our adventure team know you’d like to add a cook your catch to your bear watching trip, and our captain will make sure to drop crab traps on your way out with your group. Upon return, the captain will retrieve your crab traps and you can have fresh crab for dinner.

What to bring
  • Warm clothes (layers are best) – we will provide all safety and outerwear jackets depending on weather
  • Snacks + Water
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera 
  • Binoculars  
What you'll see
  • Bears
  • Eagles
  • Wolves (although they are much more elusive than the bears)
  • And more

If you want to get intimate with the natural surroundings of Tofino you will not be disappointed. 

Trip Timeline
  • 20-minute boat ride up Tofino inlet 
  • 2-hours of bear and wildlife viewing up Tofino Inlet 
  • 20-30 minute boat ride back to Tofino Resort and Marina 
Upgrade to your private boat


bear watching + crabbing

Let us know once you’ve booked that you would like to add a Cook Your Catch for an additional $49 per person. Contact our marine adventure centre team at 778.841.0186 or email