West Coast and Chill: The most laidback ways to experience Tofino

If you’re like the rest of British Columbia, the coast has been calling. As we transition into the shoulder season, true Tofino lovers dream of weather that’s a little less postcard and a lot more authentic. Long sandy beaches and salty breezes that don’t exactly look like a Jimmy Buffett album cover. Tofino’s off season is a rare gem for those who love the true B.C.’s tall trees and stormy seas…and the sun splintering the light rain to cast glorious rainbows the summer visitors never see.

It’s true, this place is built on rugged beauty shaped by real weather, but not every visitor is ready to paddle into a whitewashed wave or reel in a fierce tuna. For the rest of us, adventure looks a little, well, chiller. It’s hiking, not trail running. It’s balloon-tired bikes on Long Beach, not muddy mountain biking. And yeah, sometimes adventurer means trying a raw oyster for the first time. Get over it, action sports bros.

So, without judgment and with full respect and admiration for those of us who know sleeping in ain’t shameful, this is the unofficial Tofino guide to chilling the ‘eff out. And by “eff” we mean fish tacos, breath focus, and falling asleep to a good movie.

We Walkin’ Here

Remember just walkin’ with nowhere to go? Nowhere to be? No appointments? Screw surfing; walking has long been the activity of choice for Tofitians, from the First Nations crushing kilometres before kilometres existed, to post-yoga moms with lattes knocking out steps on Long Beach’s, well, very long expanse. Seriously, from the Rainforest Trail’s towering cedars and meandering boardwalks, to Tonquin Beach’s solitude, to strolling through Tofino’s “downtown” centre, walking is for those who have nothing to prove to anyone. Of course, if you want to add some purpose, we can also do guided rainforest hikes or foraging missions. Check out our coastal rainforest walks led by Long Beach Nature Tours here.

Yoga Yoda Yo

“Do or do not. There is no try.” – The ultimate yoga master knew that there’s nothing to be achieved trying to yoga…you just gotta do it, eh. We offer classes on-site in the stunning Upper Hatch on Saturdays and Sundays. A maximum of eight people per class allows for social distancing. You want to social distance further? Just go do yoga alone on the beach. Don’t take a picture. Don’t post on social media. Just. Do. It.

Check out our yoga package here.

Surfing for The Everyman (and Woman)

Surfing is awesome but can be intimidating. Just look at that photo above…these fit, lithe men and women who dance around on the beach and in the waves in slender wetsuits? Comparing yourself to them is like trying to look like Ryan Gosling on Tinder or get ninja skills like Scarlett Johannsen. We are the normal people and there’s nothing wrong with that. Rent yourself a wetsuit and a long, long soft top surfboard, go to a sandy beginner beach break, and flounder around in the whitewash like a total rookie. It’s fun, and no one will judge you. Maybe take a lesson. Maybe don’t. You do you. Check out our surf package here.


Foraging…ya Dig?

We have a long legacy of finding yer own damn food here. Foraging is like walking, but with a very lazy purpose. Of course, we aren’t going to make you cook the bounty of your day. Walk through the west coast rainforest with master foragers Paul Moran and 1909 Kitchen Executive Chef Terry Somerville, keeping a keen eye for wild mushrooms. Or try foraging without them. Success rates will vary. When done, come to 1909 Kitchen and we’ll cook it for you. Eassssssy. Check out our foraging package here.

Sleep In. Eat. Smile. Eat. Chill. Eat.

You know what? Who cares about adventure? It’s your vacation. Fuel up for a day of pure guilt-free laziness with a breakfast prepared by our Executive Chef Terry Somerville of 1909 Kitchen. And then go to any of awesome Tofino restaurants for lunch: Wolf in the Fog, Shelter, The Hatch Waterfront Pub, Lil’ Ronnie’s BBQ….the list goes on. Maybe walk on the beach. Maybe don’t. Come back to the room and sleep it off. Get up just in time for your reservation at 1909 Kitchen. Flavour matters. So does rest. We do both well at Tofino Resort + Marina. Check out our do-nothing-but-eat-and-sleep-package here.