A Holiday Poem For Tofino


T’was the night before Christmas and throughout Clayoquot Sound

The animals were stirring because of a different kind of, ummm, sound?

The big friendly bears were deep in slumber and rest

And the eagles and owls all safe in their nests

The sea lions huddled up snugly in their floating rafts

And the ravens delved in their midnight trickster craft

From Hesquiat to Barkley Sound, the waves crashed in the night

And the children slept safe and sound in the darkest of light

And then they heard it. They heard it so clear.


The sound of Christmas and an unmistakable cheer

The whoosh, the swoops, and a voice ringing loud in the sky

“Ho, Ho, Ho, little children” as the stardust flew by

Over the big blue ocean, a small red cedar sled was flying,

Below, the black and white orcas were silently gliding

Tonight, was the night the big man flew into Tofino

And left gifts and good tidings for all west coast souls

He climbed down the chimneys, drank milk and sorted toys

He rummaged under trees and left presents for girls and boys

Fishing rods, Lego, surfboards and dolls…

Wetsuits and bicycles decked out the halls

The trees had presents and the reindeer had treats

Santa had cookies and the parents got sleep

But there was something that meant so much more than all these

It was the magic in the crisp Pacific air and the wind in the trees

Christmas is special but not because of the things we spend

It’s the love and the lights of our family and friends

So gather them closely and hold everyone tight

Like the wolves and the beavers and sea otters at night

Sing loud and eat well and give a great big “holla!”

Christmas is here. Rejoice one and all.


Mike Berard