Things We Lost in the Virus

When it comes to COVID, we are staying positive and value both our health and privileged position, but we still miss the little things. Until we can have them again, please celebrate the best of Tofino’s missing treasures with us.

Loud, Live, Lovely Music

Remember dancing and sweating and singing along with friends and strangers alike? From The Hatch’s Sunday nights to The Maq’s lively shows to kitchen parties with friends, we miss music, damnit. Spotify is killer, but real music is chiller. When this whole thing blows over, we are going to rock n’ roll. Hopefully, it’ll be at Catchella with Jesse Roper and Vince Vaccarro again.

Shared Tastes

Oh my god, remember DINING IN? Albacore tuna and black cod at 1909 Kitchen? Or cedar sours at Wolf in the Fog’s stunning upstairs bar? Donuts at Rhino? Shed burgers?! Lil Ronnie’s BBQ?! Shelter CHOWDER?! ANY SUSHI…ANYWHERE?! We miss eating the rainbow of culinary delights available in Tofino AKA TastyTown.  Can’t wait to sink our teeth into something someone else made for us again. Talk about privilege, right? At least we come by it honest. Tofino is heaven for foodies and we are grateful.


Retail Therapy

Shopping isn’t, like, the coolest thing to brag about, but we do miss being able to stroll in and chat with our friends in Tofino’s shops. From Caravan Beach Shop to Jeremy Koreski Gallery to Surf Sister to our very own retail shop, we miss strolling through the charming corners of downtown Tofino. Also, we need underwear.

In some pretty rad news, long-time surf shop Storm has been chosen by California shoe giant Vans to be included in their “Foot the Bill” small business initiative. Seven shops across Canada have been invited to submit regionalized—and customizable—designs for a classic Vans slip-on shoe. Net proceeds of the shoes will be given to each shop. So go support Storm now by ordering a pair. In fact, order online—or pick up the damn phone, millennial—from any of your local shops and help support small business. Just don’t spend all your money. This thing might take a while, eh.

Going Out for A Rip, Bud

Remember pinning it across Kennedy Lake on your jet ski with Journey cranking on your stereo? Us either. That sounds weird. We do recall time spent fishing out on the glorious Pacific Ocean or shredding dirt bikes down dusty old roads. Nothing like a throttle to make life better, right? Ah well, we know the drill and will follow the rules. This ain’t about us and our gasoline dreams. We care about others. Especially you.

Live Beers

We miss having a beer with you. Come see us when it’s safe and we can hoist a pint to the essential employees that are holding us down (we see you Co-Op workers). THANK YOU! We love you.

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