One Big Sweaty Package: The (Stunning) West Coast Floating Sauna

All kidding aside, this floating sauna trip might be our most exciting adventure package yet.

Have you seen our new floating sauna? If not, take a look at it right now. This addition to our suite of adventure options is a pretty big deal. The health and wellness benefits of both saunas and hydrotherapy is well documented. Jumping in and out of the salty Pacific Ocean in between heated sessions in a cedar sauna is a dream for most. We just made that dream come true with a package that includes a sweet high-quality towel from Slowtide, a little yoga, and a reduced rate on rooms. Make it happen, you sweaty, happy people.

Here’s what’s included with the Coastal Wellness Package:

  • A trip to our new floating sauna.
  • Minimum two-night stay (10% off room rate).
  • One Slowtide towel.
  • Two Flow Waters (alkaline water*).
  • Two passes to a yoga class with Coastal Bliss.

*Alkaline water has a higher pH level than regular drinking water. Because of this, some people believe it neutralizes acid in the body. We all about that wellness, eh.