November Music at The Hatch Waterfront Pub

In response to COVID-19 protocols, our venues at Tofino Resort + Marina will be operating at a lower capacity, social distancing and hand sanitizing will be in place to ensure safety of our staff and guests. Sound levels are also being respected and adhered to maintain an enjoyable and safe time. Seating locations will also be equipped with plexi glass to create appropriate separation between seating spaces. Dine in or takeout. A huge thank you to our Tofitian and out-of-town friends for the support.

ZOE GUIGUENO | Friday November 6th / 8pm | Free

Zoe Guigueno is a B.C.-born musician who has recently returned to the coast. Majoring in upright bass, she earned a degree in jazz performance from Toronto’s Humber College in 2009. After hammering out the Canadian festival circuit with a folk-rock band (Fish & Bird) in an old Japanese van running on waste vegetable oil, she packed up and moved down to New York City in 2013. A Grammy-nominated bluegrass band, Della Mae, scooped her up and took her all over Asia, Europe and North America. They recorded two albums with Rounder Records, and played the Grand Ol’ Opry in 2017. In 2019, they toured throughout the US with legendary comedians Steve Martin & Martin Short.

AMBER LANDRY | Saturday November 7th / 8pm | $5 at the door

Amber Landry is a soulful singer/songwriter from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Guitarist extraordinaire Vincent Duhaime Perreault will accompany Amber as she delivers silky smooth vocals with charming sense of humour on cheeky covers and some honest originals. A background in musical theatre and acting allow Amber to connect deeply as a charismatic storyteller, crooning dulcet and powerful notes with the utmost love and passion.

JOEL GRAY & RON WEEKS | Friday November 13th / 8pm | FREE

These two old time locals will make sure to warm up your heart on this November evening. Both talented guitar players and singers, Joel and Ron will perform a mix of West coast roots rock and more recent tunes. These two pirates have played music together in Tofino for over 14 years. Both very connected to the land and the sea, they love to make people feel as if they were around a fire at a remote beach in the sound. You can hear the crackling wood through their music.

OLLIE HAPPYNESS | Saturday November 14th / 8pm | $5 at the door

Ollie Happyness is a Canadian blues, rock, and low-key funk singer, songwriter and guitarist. Inspired by artists such as Allen Stone, Shakey Graves, and Anderson Paak, Ollie Happyness brings a raw yet loveable energy to every performance. Since the release of his first single, Special, Ollie Happyness has continued to write and record more music which will be released throughout this fall and winter.


JEREMY LACHANCE | Friday November 20th / 8pm | Free

By combining melodies from elsewhere, but also from here, Jeremy’s music results in a happy mixture of what is between melancholy of softness. By mixing French with
simple melodies, Jeremy Lachance establishes his universe somewhere between a soft guitar and a voice that is almost on the note. His musical world is better discovered in a woollen sweater with the smells of thrift stores, but which does not sting too much, or just a little.

LOUIS RUDNER AND ASHLEY WEY | Saturday November 21st / 8pm | $5 at the door

Ashley Wey and Louis Rudner met at sea. Brought together by a musical emergency, they had immediate and undeniable chemistry both on stage and off, that flowed and played on one another. After circling the globe and making music together on the high seas for three years, they married and settled in Ashley’s home city, Victoria, B.C. Since then they have been making music all around Vancouver Island as well as educating the next generation of musicians.


ALLE BERNARDI | Friday November 27th / 8pm | Free

From the moment she could walk, Alle had her sights set on music. She began playing classical and jazz piano in The Royal Conservatory of Music during her first years of primary school. Once graduated, she moved on to writing her own music, teaching herself acoustic guitar, and diving into alternative sounds by incorporating synthesizers into her repertoire. As an avid surfer, surf instructor, and adventurer, she draws inspiration from the sea. Her music portrays her positive connections with her surroundings through acoustic guitar, vocals, keys, and the occasional electronic accent.

SARAH OSBORNE | Saturday November 28th / 8pm | $5 at the door

Songstress & self-proclaimed “Seaqueen” Sarah Osborne is a singer-songwriter from the west coast currently residing on Gabriola Island. Hints of jazz, blues, country, and the weather can be heard throughout her repertoire. Sarah emulates the voices of her musical influences (Billie Holiday, Robert Planet, Johnny Cash) in a blend that is solely hers. She is a self taught fingerpicker on guitar, and does bust out the occasional rockin’ strum and lead parts. A background in musical theatre, amazing choir and piano teachers, and a couple of musical uncles was enough to influence Sarah to discover her artistic self.