The Lone Cone Trail on Meares Island, British Columbia

Essentials for a Summer Day; A Tofino Gift Guide

During the long, lazy days of summer, even a busier-than-usual Tofino kicks up their feet in style. The vibe goes from local surf town to Frisbee-and-beer-coozie beach destination, and we wouldn’t have any other way. Unless you’re angling towards a big day of offshore tuna fishing, summer is the time to dial it back and sit in the sun. All you need is a towel and a good book, but if you really want to set in for a proper day of leisure, we’ve compiled a gift list for midsummer. Who are you buying the gift for? Yourself, dummy. Now get out there and soak up the sun while you can.

Good Beer and a Place to Keep it Cold

Craft beer often comes in bigger cans and is better enjoyed chilled despite what the purists say. While most of us haven’t popped the wallet for a big ol’ Yeti Cooler to keep all the Tofino Brewing Co. Ethereal IPA cold, we can easily afford one of these Yeti Tall Can Ramblers. Stop by the brewery for beer (also available in growlers and short cans) and come by the Tofino Resort + Marina retail shop for Yeti products (we kind of love them).

A Really Sweet-Ass Towel + Jeremy Koreski Print

What’s better than an authentic Jeremy Koreski print on your wall? How about one under your butt? Slowtide is a towel company that elevates art by printing it on high-grade towels. Part-time Tofitian Dario Phillips is one of the founders and, naturally, he partnered with photographer Koreski to get a gorgeous shot of a river on British Columbia’s Central Coast. Buy it–or many other options–here, and read an interview with Koreski here.

Tin Cloth Hat, by Anian MFG

Wear a hat. It’s just good sense. This bombproof waxed cotton lid from Anian MFG will ride-or-die with you 12 months of the year. Waxed cotton is the original Gore Tex, but is manufactured without all the polluted Chinese rivers in the process. The entire Anian MFG line is like that…sustainable and smart. Plus, they are a Victoria, B.C. company, located just down the road, and we carry their gear in the retail shop on-site.  The best part about this hat is that it doubles as a water bowl for thirsty dogs, and a good dog is a must have for a proper beach day.

XTRATUF…the Real Tofino Footwear

Yes, we know you think flip flops are the prefered choice for Tofino, but try doing the Bomber hike in sandals, or exploring the jagged, wet edge of the ocean in that pair of Havaianas you brought back from Sayulita. See you later, rook. Sure, flippie floppies crush it on the Aerobie circuit but make sure you have a pair of good boots in the trunk for the real deal adventure. XTRATUF is the choice of locals, and come in a wide variety of styles. See a good chunk of their line in our retail shop.

A Damn Good Book About Surfing

Summer is not the best season for surfing, but it sure is good for reading about surfing. Here are five books about the sport we adore so damn much.

Breath, by Tim Winton

One of the best writers on surf and beach culture ever, Australian Tim Winton is a master of capturing what surfing actually feels like, and what seaside living is like for the people who grow up and work off the ocean. Any of his works are excellent, but this one is the one most aligned with surfing. It’s also short and easy to take in while trying to relax.

Barbarian Days, A Surfing Life, By William Finnegan

Since when does a book about surfing win the Pulitzer Prize? 2016 is the answer, and Barbarian Days is the well deserving recipient. Surf writing, elevated. Do buy it because you’ll read it twice. Don’t use Amazon when you do. Purchase it here.

In Search of Captain Zero; A Surfer’s Road Trip Beyond the End of the Road, by Allan C. Weisbecker

The classic tale from smuggler turned surfer turned loudmouth legend, Weisbecker, Captain Zero is  surf literary canon. Entertaining as hell, it also puts the wanderlust in your loins. Be prepared to start planning an adventure of your own by the tenth page. Or get the audiobook here.

Cocaine + Surfing: A Sordid History of Surfing’s Greatest Love Affair, by Chas Smith

Chas Smith is surf journalism’s bad boy. He’s brutal and unflinching in peeling back the squeaky clean mainstream reputation of surfing, and lays bare the dark side of the sport in this expose. Sure, it’s sensational…but that’s also why it’s a can’t-put-down beach read. Get a taste for it here. The first one’s free.

Surf is Where you Find it, by Gerry Lopez

When Gerry Lopez writes about surfing, you read it. ‘Nuff said. Pick up this book from Patagonia’s publishing arm. It’s absolutely excellent, and Lopez is every bit the gentleman yogi surf zen master you thought he was. Soul arch for life.