An Ode to Outdoor Dining in Tofino

Boozy brunches and Sunday Funday drinking sessions. Long lingering patio dinners with loved ones. A picnic on a windless beach. One of the most attractive qualities of outdoor dining is sunshine in your mimosa, but with propane heaters, a few key umbrella placements, and the kind of grit Tofino is known for, the patio has become an almost year-round affair.

At 1909 Kitchen + Bar, we have a what might be the best patio in town. It’s on the inlet and actual sea lions swim up to say hi while you sip Vancouver Island craft beers and smash our oh-so-tasty burgers, pizza and buttermilk fried chicken. Not to mention the off chance you’ll see a pod of orcas stealthily cruise by looking to brunch on the same sea lions you just said hi to.

We do take out for those who prefer a beach to a patio. Order online here.

Fine Dining Under the Sun

At Tofino Resort + Marina, the waterfront haven of 1909 Kitchen + Bar serves the absolute best of forests, farms and waters up and down Vancouver Island. We serve the finest cocktails, wine and craft beer.

The best part though? 1909 Kitchen + Bar is right on the water. Sure, there are some cool street-side patios on the strip, but this isn’t Yaletown. It’s Tofino, and to sit and watch boats sidle up to the wharf in our marina and literally unload the fish or oysters you could eat in an hour is something to behold. Also, orcas and sea lions.

Order online here and take out some of the best food that’s ever come from the west coast.

Truly Oceanside Dining

No, we’re not talking about the beautiful windswept patio at Long Beach Lodge (although that’s a nice one too). We mean packing up a lunch, picking up some tasty treats from Tofino Brewing Co. or Tofitian Café and going to the actual beach to get sand in your toes while you eat with your pod. Even better? Get a boat.

There’s take out at our restaurant, plus most others in town. We have a Mugnaini wood-fired pizza oven that makes the best damn pizza in town, and what carries easier to the most remote corner of any Tofino beach than a pizza or three? Responsibly enjoy your food and beverages somewhere beautiful and pack out what you pack in. Have a fire. Surf. Eat. Laugh. Repeat.

A More Adventurous Meal

Not happy with sitting and eating like a regular human? How about putting on the wetsuit and diving into the sea for a meal? As you probably know by now, Tofino Resort + Marina is the pre-eminent adventure resort in the glorious Pacific Northwest. We surf. We fish for tuna offshore. And we freedive. Oh, do we ever freedive.

Through a partnership with Bottom Dwellers Freediving, we offer courses that teach you not only how to hold your breath long enough to flirt with a ling cod, but how to spear it and eat it like a beast yourself. Or just dive for all the goodies on the ocean floor. We’ll show you how, and you can eat it raw if you’re adventurous, or bring it all to 1909 Kitchen + Bar and we will cook your catch for you. What could you possibly do that would make you look cooler on Instagram? Nothing. #blessed indeed.

Learn more about our freediving and foraging programs with Bottom Dwellers Freediving.

Hang loose, friends.