All the Things We Missed Part II

Well, there you have it. The long slow, receding days of Spring have aligned with COVID-19’s death rattle. With what appears to be an end in sight for the pandemic and its oppressive restrictions, we are ecstatic to look forward to the freedom of socialization, travel and a mask-less existence. In the thick of it, we wrote about all the things we missed . Now we get to look forward to all the things we’ll have again soon. Adventure is near. Let us count the ways, shall we?


Let’s be honest. We live in one of Canada’s most stunning locations. Tofino is like heaven on Vancouver Island, and Vancouver Island is like heaven on Earth. The fact that our friends and family have not been able to come visit us here on the west coast has been tough. That being said, we also missed you, the people that keep this town energetic. Tofino’s tourists—at least the ones that generally stay with us—are down for adventure. They trust the chef. They paddle in even when they’re scared. They eat the seaweed. Tofino’s visitors bring a unique vibe where rambunctious live-music-and-good-food-eatin’ fun and sleepy beach chillin’ come together. This place vibrates with visitors in the summer. We can’t wait to have you back.

Good Food…Like it’s Meant to Be

Look, we get it. Over this past year or so, we have still been able to go eat out, kind of. However, dining out, especially in a place like our waterfront restaurant 1909 Kitchen, deserves more than plexiglass and forced outdoor eating. We want loud laughter. Close quarters. Hugs and kisses and high fives and sharing food and sipping wine and “here, taste this” recklessness. Mmmmm, it’s so close we can taste it.

Love + Romance (But Mostly Intimacy)

Of all those who suffered (other than COVID victims),  our hearts go out to the single ones. The ones who swiped Tinder with futile ferocity while languishing alone in basement suites and apartments. It’s time. It’s time to date. And make out. And eat together. And travel to Tofino with your new (or revisited) lover. You know what it was like without. Now experience what it’s like to get down on the west coast without awkwardness. You deserve it, lover.


(Fresh) Adventures

We all like adventure, but a key quality of adventure is new adventure. You can’t ride the same bike trail every day and still call it an adventure. It has to be fresh. New territory. Wild horizons. Don’t worry. We got you covered. From our marina, we can deliver even the most experienced Clayoquot Sound explorer somewhere new. By boat, helicopter, float plane or stand up paddleboard, we have the ways and means to get you to awesome spots. So, start planning with us now. When the mask drops, we’ll be ready to get adventurous with you.