inaugural year

2022 summit

Thank you to all who joined us to celebrate everything apnea. Underwater enthusiasts gathered at our first-ever grassroots one-day event bringing together speakers on four pillars of education, safety, sustainability, and respect, plus good eats, live music, and prizes. All proceeds from this year’s event were donated to the Nuu-chah-nulth Youth Warrior Leadership Program, and together we raised over $22,000! That’s more than enough for 22 youth to be kitted out in snorkel and freediving gear, ready to participate in a snorkel and harvest course with Bottom Dwellers Freediving.

a full day of festivities

april 23rd 2022

meet the Speakers

Bottom Dwellers Freediving

Chris Adair

Chris is owner/founder of Bottom Dwellers Freediving and partner at Spearfishing Canada. A Vancouver Island lifer who has spent his life adventuring on and enamoured with the liquid playground of our local waters. With his near decade of local in-water experience around the island he operates and facilitates freediving and spearfishing programs and charters through Bottom Dwellers. Instructing the Performance Freediving International (PFI) system as well as his own Bottom Dwellers Freedive-Harvesting programs his aspirations and goals are to get people out enjoying the water freediving safely and harvesting both sustainably and ethically.

Spearfishing Canada

Mick Sheinberg

Selective in our gear and selective in our harvest. Spearfishing Canada aims to provide you with the right gear for your needs. Owned and operated locally by avid freedivers/spearos based out of Vancouver Island, BC. Through our combined knowledge, our in water experience with the products we provide, and our passion for the lifestyle, we will get you in the right gear for your needs.

Mick A.K.A “Mick from HtO Surfshop,” has significantly contributed to the regrowth of spearfishing as a category in BC underwater sports since 2011.

Ucluelet Aquarium

Laura Griffith-Cochrane, Aquarium Curator

Department of Fisheries and Oceans

Dan Smith, Fishery Officer, Freediver and Spearo

Dan  is a Fishery Officer with Fisheries and Oceans Canada. He’s been with the Department for 15 years and stationed in Tofino since 2013. Spending half his childhood growing up in Sidney BC, Dan developed a strong connection to the ocean and got into diving sports when he was 12. He later became an open water scuba instructor at 18 and then spent 6 years in the navy as a diver. Dan and his wife are raising our 3 young boys in Ucluelet and couldn’t imagine a better place for them to grow up!

Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation

Saya Masso

Ahousaht First Nation

Tyson Atleo and the M.H.S.S. Stewardship Guardians

meet the artists



Hasaatuk is nuucaanul from Ahousaht on the west coast of Vancouver Island, Woodland Cree from For McMurray, Alberta, and Finnish ancestry.

Hasaatuk is a musician under her traditional name, meaning loud vibrant voice. Her music explores a diverse range of indigenous, environmental, and social horizons that combine a blend of acoustic, blues, and alternative styles of expression.

In addition to her musical path, Hasaatuk is actively involved in activism and advocacy for the protection and preservation of Indigenous lands, culture, and language. They have participated in a wide variety of campaigns that raise awareness of environmental devastation caused by mining, oil extraction, deforestation, climate justice, and agriculture. She uses her music to shed light upon the interconnectedness that is maintained through ancestral, indigenous roots to the lands and waters and she maintains a lifestyle that keeps her connected to her traditional territories, culture, and family.


Kieran Campbell

Born and raised in the small rural town of Langford, Kieran Campbell has more guitars than most people, and an incredible knack for writing folk songs that would make your father tear up. Kieran has called the Pacific Rim home for nearly a decade, playing regularly at local pubs, on Tofino Radio, and recently was invited to play with Jon and Roy for their Holiday Special in Victoria this past December. You can find his music on Apple Music and Spotify, or in person at the TacoFino truck on weekends


DJ All Good + Theo

Hasaatuk is nuucaanul from Ahousaht on the west coast of Vancouver Island, Woodland Cree from For McMurray, Alberta, and Finnish ancestry. Monkey business on 3 turntables! All Good is monkey see and Theo is monkey do, the resulting sound is bananas! They’ll have you swinging from the trees in no time.

DJ All Good (Peter Poole) is one of Canada’s Premier Turntablists. He is joined by his son Theo for the first set of the night. Starting out rocking house parties in high school, All Good carries a fun loving, anything goes type of style that always pleases. Love of great music is the foundation that his DJ house is built upon. “I’m a Turntablist! My philosophy is to select choice sounds, chop and mix using turntablist techniques, and serve hot & fresh on two vinyl platters.” DJ All Good has repeatedly proven his skills in battle, most recently as the 2020 Canada DMC DJ champion!

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