$25 000 Grand Prize

+$ 30 000 in daily prizes

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Anticipation has been building. And yes, Tofino Resort + Marina is excited to host the 3rd annual Race for The Blue Tuna Shoot-Out after seeing impressive growth in year 2.  Come experience the excitement of the blue water and Pacific albacore tuna fishing while supporting a sustainable fishery in B.C.’s rarely-visited offshore paradise. Join us for a week of action from September 11th to 19th and discover the Pacific at its finest, out of sight from land with the vast blue below.

thank you to our 2020 sponsors

2020 Entry Fee

$1,500 per boat

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Reserve your spot after August 1st and your entry includes

  • Welcome Bag from our Sponsors
  • 4 x Team Jerseys
  • 4 x Tickets to Tuna Tuesday
  • 4 x Tickets to the Awards Presentation + Wrap-Up Events

EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION is now open. Reserve your spot before August 1st and get entered to win our exclusive early bird offer.

You could win:

  • Fuel at cost for the event
  • 20% off moorage during the event
  • 20% off rooms during the event
  • An offshore tuna day trip on KingSize for you and a few friends
  • Four mustang jackets so your team can stay dry and look good doing it.

Additionally, you will get these exclusive Early Bird benefits:

  • 4 x Vancouver Island Brewing 6-packs
  • 4 x YETI Ramblers
  • 10% off rooms during the event
1st place Race for the Blue 2020

Team MegaBite

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2020 Schedule of Events

Friday, Sept. 11th

7:00pm: Mandatory Meeting ‘Captain’s only’ with small bites hosted by 1909 Kitchen

Saturday, Sept. 12th – Friday, Sept. 18th

5:00pm – 7:00pm: Weigh-in’s in the courtyard of Tofino Resort + Marina

Tuesday, Sept. 15th

Mandatory #TUNA Tuesday Dinner hosted by 1909 Kitchen. Seating maximum 6 per table, two seating times

Thursday, Sept. 17th

8:00pm: Thankful Thursday – Food Bank donation

Saturday, Sept. 19th

3-5pm: Weigh-in’s in the courtyard of Tofino Resort + Marina
7:30 Awards presentation

Derby Master: adventures@tofinoresortandmarina.com

Rules & Regulations

Please ensure you have read the Race for the Blue 2020 Rules & Regulations PDF document;

Read the rules here: Race for the Blue – Rules & Regulations


4-fish Albacore Tuna aggregate $25,000

Largest single Albacore Tuna

Daily biggest Albacore Tuna

*All awards will be for the vessels, not individual fishermen. It is the responsibility of each vessel’s captain to allocate prize earnings. 

Rare Encounters

We hope all of our vessels encounter Tuna, however, the blue water of the Pacific is home to rare and endangered wildlife that you may not normally see close to the coast.

Leather Back Turtle