Through an adventurous relationship with our partners at Bottom Dwellers Freediving, Tofino Resort + Marina is excited to offer PFI Freediver Level Courses. If you’re looking to take your freediving to the next level; wanting to learn to freedive safely and become a good ‘Safe Buddy’ diver; wanting to dive deeper and have longer breath holds; or simply wanting to learn about the basics and foundations of good, safe freediving practices the PFI Freediver Level Course is for you. Bottom Dwellers is the leader in freedive instruction on Canada’s West Coast.

PFI Freediver Course


PFI Freediver Course

In this course you will be taught the fundamental building blocks of Freediving. You will learn freediving skills and techniques and experience first hand how these will benefit you within an aquatic environment. You will learn about the physics and physiology of freediving and how your body adapts to being at depth. The PFI Freediver course will allow you to reach depths of up to 20m/66′ deep during our open water sessions. In confined water sessions the PFI Freediver course will also have you explore and practice Static Apnea with the goal of increasing your breath-hold capabilities and learning to better manage your body for freediving.

Focus of instructional material in the PFI Freediver course will be on:

  • Proper safety practices and procedures as well as rescue and risk management
  • Proper Surface prep and Recovery Breathing Techniques for Freediving and Snorkelling
  • Open-water and Confined-water skills development. Take what you learn in the classroom to the pool, and from the pool to the ocean. Learn and improve proper freediving techniques and skills, including, but not limited to: safety procedures, breathing techniques, entry techniques, constant weight and free immersion techniques, equalization techniques, emergency procedures …
  • Learn about proper freediving equipment: why it works and how to maintain it.
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Tide to Table

sea food

Tide to Table Course

Learn proper and safe Freediving Techniques from a PFI Professional in the ‘PFI Freediver’ course.  Take those skillsets learnt and adapt them to Marine Harvesting Applications in Bottom Dweller’s ‘Freedive-Harvesting Course’ where you’ll learn about local marine life, rules and regulations, risk management and valuable techniques and skillsets (including band-powered device handling) for freedive-harvesting and spearfishing. These two courses together create Bottom Dwellers’ Freedive-Harvester Package’ to get you freediving, spearfishing and harvesting in the marine environment safely and competently.

Upon completing this course package you’ll end your Tide to Table Experience on the final day with a Boat Charter Freedive-Harvesting Adventure guided by Bottom Dwellers Freediving. As a guided group you’ll set out to harvest in the local waters surrounding Tofino where you’ll return that afternoon to have the incredible staff at the 1909 Kitchen prepare and serve you your catch and harvest over a final group dinner at Tofino Resort + Marina.

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Required Equipment

The PFI Freediver level course requires each student to have in their possession for the course:

  • Full Wetsuit (5-7mm for cold-water locations, with a strong recommendation of a 7mm freediving suit or at a minimum a 5mm open-cell freediving suit. Open water sessions are long and the cold can put a affect your performance and experience in the course)
  • Mask & snorkel
  • Weight-belt and weights
  • Fins
  • Timing device or Dive Computer

*There is a selection of warmer wetsuits for rent for $50/course.

B.C. Spearfishing


Join fellow underwater stewards at Tofino Resort + Marina to celebrate everything apnea. From first breath to last call, this grassroots one-day event will bring together speakers on four pillars of education, safety, sustainability, and respect, and then blow it out with live music and prizes. All proceeds to support the Yuułuʔiłʔatḥ Youth Warrior Leadership Program.