Creating Sound Strategies for Wild Salmon

When Tofino Resort + Marina launched the inaugural Fish for the Future catch-and-release tournament, our purpose was clear: engage the local fishing community to raise money for healthy fish stocks in Clayoquot Sound. Our aim remains the same, but we want to cast further: Fish for the Future is now a year-round conservation initiative for the waters we all live beside, or make a living off. Together—and with your help—we can safeguard Tofino’s salmon.

to date, we've raised over $400,000

For Future Generations

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Fish For The Future Fund What is it?

The Fish For The Future Fund is a fundraising initiative created by Tofino Resort + Marina, in partnership with the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust. The goal is to protect wild salmon and an ecosystem that supports responsible fishing. As the Fish for the Future Fund grows, so too will conservation and protection of these precious waters and the wildlife that lives here.

To kickstart the fund, Tofino Resort + Marina’s ownership team personally donated $20,000. Today, all guests contribute 1% of their experience towards Fish For The Future. Thank you for joining us in making a difference for Clayoquot Sound’s wild salmon.

Fish for the Future Fund’s focus is on wild salmon protection & conservation in the following areas:

  1. Shoreline Protection + Restoration
  2. Salmon Enhancement
  3. Wild Salmon Out Migration Studies
  4. Education

Rebuilding the ecosystem Together

Watch Fish for the Future Films

The Redd Fish Restoration was founded in 1995 by loggers, First Nations, biologists and forestry professionals who recognized the need to address the loss of habitat in order to preserve our wild fish stocks. We are proud to support their efforts in salmon habitat  restoration.

View our Shoreline Restoration video here

Since the inception of Fish for the Future, we have worked towards a future that includes catch-and-release. This year, the derby is a 100% catch-and-release. You need to leave some in the ocean, and every time a fish is caught, it’s stressed out by the experience. We provide this guide to catch-and-release fishing. The more we care for our fish, the longer we get to fish.

View our Catch & Release Video here

In the face of declining salmon returns coast-wide, small groups of volunteers attempt to help re-build and support existing stocks of salmon. Fish for the Future exists to support these volunteers, and to raise both awareness and money for what we believe is an important cause for all who live on the coast. Watch the short film about our first-year efforts and then join us in creating a better future for Clayoquot salmon.

For decades, wild salmon have been struggling with what ocean aquaculture leaves behind. The debate whether humans can farm salmon in a sustainable and responsible way has been difficult to navigate. Fish for the Future dives deep into Norwegian company, Atlantic Sapphire, and their large scale aquaculture project based 100% on land, helping to transform the protein production landscape globally.

View our video on Atlantic Sapphire’s On-land Aquaculture project here.


How to apply for funding

If you have a project that will have a positive impact, please send an email. We’d love to hear from you.